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Timed shower with 1 shower head

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5/ 5 Timed shower with 1 shower head
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  • Timed shower with 1 AstralPool shower head specially designed to be installed in installations with a high density of users (public or semi-public swimming pools).
  • Equipped with 1 sprinkler with timed button .
  • Material: high resistance AISI-304 polished stainless steel
  • Incorporates flow limiter (water saving).

The AstralPool Timed Shower with 1 shower head is an exceptional option designed to meet the needs of public or semi-public pools with a high density of users. Its robust and functional design makes it a reliable and efficient choice to offer a comfortable and safe showering experience for all bathers.

The main attraction of this shower lies in its timer system, which allows a controlled and efficient use of water. The shower head is equipped with a timed push button, which means that the water flow stops automatically after a preset time. This function not only avoids the unnecessary waste of water, but also encourages the responsible and conscious use of water resources by users.

The Timed Shower is made of highly resistant AISI-304 stainless steel , a material highly appreciated for its durability and ability to withstand the most demanding conditions in a swimming pool environment. The polished finish of stainless steel gives it a sleek, modern look, as well as providing added protection against corrosion and wear caused by exposure to water and the elements.

The installation of this shower is simple and versatile, which allows it to be adapted to different configurations and locations. Its compact and ergonomic design integrates harmoniously into the pool environment, providing a comfortable and functional shower experience for users.

An additional outstanding feature of this shower is its incorporation of a flow limiter, which significantly contributes to saving water. The limiter regulates the flow of water, allowing an efficient and responsible use of the resource, without compromising the shower experience and guaranteeing an adequate flow rate to meet the needs of users.

Advantages of a timed shower

Timed showers offer a series of important advantages both for users and for owners or administrators of public spaces. Some of the most outstanding advantages are:

  • Saving water: One of the main advantages of timed showers is their ability to save water. By having a timer that regulates the shower time, water wastage caused by forgetfulness or excessive use is avoided. This contributes significantly to the conservation of this valuable natural resource.
  • Responsible use: Timed showers encourage responsible use of water among users. With limited shower time, people tend to be more aware of consumption and adjust their habits to avoid unnecessary use.
  • Energy efficiency: In addition to saving water, timed showers can also contribute to greater energy efficiency. By reducing the time of use, the energy consumption associated with heating the water is reduced, which benefits both the environment and the energy budget of the place.
  • Less maintenance: Timed showers with automatic closing systems require less maintenance than traditional showers with manual faucets. By not being accidentally left open, the wear of the parts is reduced and the useful life of the equipment is prolonged.
  • Compliance with regulations: In some places, there are regulations and regulations that require the use of timed showers, especially in public spaces and areas with a high influx of people, such as swimming pools, gyms and sports centers. Having timed showers ensures compliance with these standards.
  • Hygiene and health: The use of timed showers in swimming pools and sports areas promotes greater hygiene and health among users. By encouraging showering before entering the facility, the introduction of dirt, oils and chemicals into the water is reduced, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.
  • Cost control: For managers of public spaces, timed showers can help control the costs associated with the supply of water and energy. Savings in these resources can have a positive impact on the overall maintenance budget.

These showers are a smart and sustainable option to promote responsible and efficient practices in the use of resources in public spaces and high-traffic areas.

Types of pool showers

There are several models of pool showers, each one with different characteristics and functionalities to adapt to the needs and preferences of the users. Some of the most common models that you can find in GrupoPoolPlus are:

Solar Shower : This model uses solar energy to heat the water, providing a shower with warm or hot water without the need to connect it to an external power source. It is an ecological and efficient option that harnesses the renewable energy of the sun to provide a comfortable shower experience.

Mixer Showers : These showers have a single control that regulates both the temperature and the flow of water. They are easy to use as the temperature and flow can be adjusted with just one hand, making them a convenient and convenient option for users.

Knob/Twin-Handle Showers : Knob or twin-handle models have two separate knobs: one to control the water temperature and the other to adjust the flow. These showers allow for more precise control of temperature and flow, which can be helpful for those who want a personalized shower experience.

Shower Trays : Although not showers per se, shower trays are a popular option for pool areas or bathing areas. These pans provide a flat, non-slip surface for users to rinse off before entering the pool or after exiting the water. They are practical and prevent water from collecting in the surrounding area.

It is important to note that each shower model may have variations in design, size and materials used in its manufacture. In addition, some models can incorporate additional features, such as automatic closing systems, adjustable shower heads, anti-vandal systems, among others, to provide a more comfortable and safe shower experience for users.


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Timed shower with 1 shower head