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In-ground and above-ground Pool Filter shed

Compacts filtration housing

Filter houses for swimming pool is what you will find in this section. Protect your filters from bad weather and keep everything tidy with our filtering system houses.

In Grupo Poolplus we have inground, semi-buried or above ground filter houses, you choose what you need for your pool.

The Pool Filter shed you are looking for

If you are thinking of buying the filter house and also buying everything you need for the filtering system, take a look at our packs of compact inground filter houses with assembly or compact semi-buried filter houses with assembly!

A single product that includes a filter house, salt water chlorinator, pH controller, filter and purification pump.

Still don't know the salt chlorinators for swimming pool? Maintain your pool water without chemical products thanks to the salt chlorinators. 

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Showing 1-32 of 52 item(s)
Showing 1-32 of 52 item(s)