Finance your purchase instantly with Aplazame. Buy now and pay later.

In Poolplus Group we want to help you buy what makes you be and be better. You can now finance your purchases in our store with Aplazame.

It's fast, simple and secure. Choose your product, select Aplazame as payment method at the end of the purchase process, choose the number of installments and the day of the month in which you want to pay. Aplazame will grant you the credit instantly. Just with your email, your cell phone and your ID number. No paperwork and no small print. What you see is what you will pay, not a penny more!

Financing conditions:

- When you apply for the loan you will be asked; to make an initial down payment. The amount of your loan will be the amount of your basket minus that down payment. That is the amount we will finance in the number of installments you choose. For example, a 6-month financing will involve 7 payments, one at the time the credit is granted and 6 payments in each of the 6 months following the purchase.

- Payments are made with the card provided by the customer to Aplazame.

- The SMS sent by Aplazame to process the credit application has no cost for you.

Example of financing with APLAZAME for a basket of 1.000,00 € for 12 months and starting to be paid 20 days after the application. A down payment of 82.94 € is requested, which the user must pay by credit card at the time of the transaction. The amount to be financed is the difference between the value of the basket and the down payment: 917.06 €. 12 monthly payments of €82.94 are requested. Arrangement fee: €0.00. TIN: 13.90% APR: 14,82%*. Total amount owed: €1,078.23. Subject to approval by APLAZAME, S.L.

*The APR may vary based on the recommendations of the Bank of Spain.

Finance your purchases with Grupo Poolplus

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