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Disinfection equipment

In Grupo Poolplus you can find the best in pool maintenance, that's why we offer salt chlorinators. If you want to leave aside the conventional maintenance and get into the most innovative side of pool maintenance you can find everything you are looking for in this section.

What are salt chlorinators?

Salt chlorinators are a system that treats and preserves pool water with salt, instead of using chlorine as is commonly done. It is an innovative method of water treatment that consists of reproducing the behavior of the sea in your pool.

Some of the advantages of the salt chlorinators

  • It does not use chemical elements
  • It takes into account the environment and pollution
  • No more wasps and bees

And if you are not convinced you can always buy the usual chemical products in our online pool products store.

Having problems with your filtration system? Make sure you have a quality pool pump, the fundamental engine of your filtration system has to be of quality and perfectly adapted to the needs of your pool.

Showing 1-32 of 80 item(s)
Showing 1-32 of 80 item(s)
Showing 1-32 of 80 item(s)