Infrared Sauna Spectra 2 people
Infrared Sauna Spectra 2 people
Infrared Sauna Spectra 2 people
Infrared Sauna Spectra 2 people
Infrared Sauna Spectra 2 people
Infrared Sauna Spectra 2 people
Infrared Sauna Spectra 2 people
Infrared Sauna Spectra 2 people

Infrared Sauna Spectra 2 people

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DELIVERY FROM 03/03/2022

Infrared sauna with capacity for 2 people in an easy-to-assemble kit.

100% certified Canadian spruce wood.

Total dimensions: 140x125x200 cm

Spectra Infrared Sauna 2 people

Spectra is the new series of infrared saunas from the France Sauna brand that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the sauna without leaving home. It is supplied in a complete easy-to-assemble kit that includes everything you need so you can install it yourself.

With the new Dual Healthy technology that allows you to choose between magnesium relaxation or the benefits of Full Spectrum quartz in each session, the Spectra sauna for two people is distinguished by its compact size and Canadian fir wood.

Canadian spruce lumber is highly valued for sauna construction for its dimensional stability and resistance to moisture. Additionally, the Spectra sauna is characterized by its exterior in Canadian spruce wood and by its bench and headrest in abachi, wood that surprises with its silky and matte surface.

With dimensions at its base of 140 x 110 cm and a height of 2 meters, the Spectra 2 sauna is ideal for enjoying the well-being of the sauna as a couple with the latest technology in infrared saunas.

It has a control panel with a digital screen that can be operated from inside and outside. It also has speakers, interior/exterior lighting and an integrated sound system so you can listen to your favorite music. The door is made of 8 mm thick reinforced glass.

Power: 1980W

4 years warranty for wood (2 years for electronic components).

Easy assembly without tools

Spectra saunas are delivered in prefabricated panels with a quick anchoring system without the need for tools. Its assembly is done in approximately 20 minutes, being enough 2 people to do it. Detailed installation instructions are included with the sauna.

How an infrared sauna works

The infrared sauna heats your skin directly and does not emit steam or heat the cabin to extreme temperatures (operating temperature between 18 and 60 °C). It allows you to breathe normally and without being overwhelming at any time.

The Spectra 2 sauna features 7 infrared emitters arranged for full body coverage. The vertical infrared emitters have the innovative Dual Healthy technology of quartz and magnesium (the panels on the floor are carbon). It offers two types of infrared rays to gently act on the epidermis or deeply regenerate the inner layers of the skin.

Take care of your health

Originally from Finland, the sauna began to be practiced more than 2000 years ago. The purpose has always been the same: take advantage of the benefits of the rise in our body temperature and relieve muscle contractures, joint pain or to release endorphins that help improve mood and combat anxiety, among other things.

Today, infrared saunas are recommended by doctors and therapists.


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Infrared Sauna Spectra 2 people