Higienizante Surfosan CTX-70
Higienizante Surfosan CTX-70
Higienizante Surfosan CTX-70
Higienizante Surfosan CTX-70

Sanitizer Surfosan CTX-70

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Surfosan CTX-70 is a sanitizing product for cleaning surfaces specially designed for the disinfection of swimming pools, spas and saunas .

With the application of the product, an effective and complete hygiene of all the surfaces of the pool is achieved , including "invisible dirt" such as pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi) that can be the cause of infections and diseases.

  • The pool is a place to enjoy with family and friends, therefore, it must be a clean and safe place, without danger of being a source of infection and contagion.
  • Neutral liquid product with powerful sanitizing action for the disinfection of surfaces in swimming pools.
  • Benefits associated with its use:
    • Surfosan is a special range of products for swimming pools: if the product comes into contact with the pool water, its parameters (pH, chlorine) will not be altered.
    • Provides sanitization with a non-corrosive formula that respects all surfaces, without damaging them.
    • Ready to use. It does not need rinsing or prior dissolution.
    • Pleasant smell of pine.
  • Surfaces to disinfect:
    • Access to swimming pool
    • Beaches
    • Banks
    • Garden furniture (tables, chairs, loungers…)
    • Showers
    • Stairs
    • Locker rooms
  • Available in several packages:
    • 1L in spray format for small surfaces and easy use.
    • 5L and 25L for large areas.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Use undiluted. Apply Surfosan CTX-70 daily by spraying the product with a sprayer on the surfaces of benches, walls and floors of showers, saunas, changing rooms, pool entrances, etc.
  • Allow to dry without rinsing so that the product exerts a lasting sanitizing action.
  • Recommended minimum contact time: 15 minutes (after this time, if desired, the treated surface can be rinsed with water).
  • Product yield (by spraying on the treatment surface): consumption: 55-60 g/m² (approximately).

The advice for use is indicated for informational purposes and may vary due to changes in the formulation or modifications by the manufacturer. It is necessary to follow the instructions contained in the label that accompanies the product.

Savings packs:

  • 9 containers of 1 liter in spray (9 liters in total, the liter costs €7.99)
  • 4 containers of 5 liters (20 liters in total, the liter costs €4.00)
  • 25 liter container (€3.12 per liter)


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Sanitizer Surfosan CTX-70