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CTX-551 WinterStar Liner

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Winterising fluid for open-air pools, especially polyester and liner pools. >Product for the maintenance of water in open-air pools during the winter period, preventing the intense proliferation of algae and bacteria, which causes putrefaction of the water and the formation of limescale sediments.
Ideal for: In-ground pools.
Prevents the proliferation of all kinds of algae.
Non-foaming product.
Compatible with all kinds of disinfectant treatments (even P.H.M.B.).
Totally water-soluble.
Compatible with all kinds of filtration systems.
At the end of the bathing season and without having suspended the maintenance treatment, carry out super-chlorination with Dichlor Granules CTX-200GR ClorShock (15 g/m3).
The next day, add 5 l
of the product CTX-550 for each 100 m3 of water.
The pH value of the water should be between 7.2 - 7.6.
Pour the required dose of the product directly into the pool water.
The filtration equipment should be switched on long enough to obtain good distribution of the product in the water.
It is recommended that the product is added again halfway through the winter season.

CTX-551 WinterStar Liner Winterising fluid for liner or polyester pools 5 l


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