Vitreous filter medium GLASS
Vitreous filter medium GLASS
Vitreous filter medium GLASS
Vitreous filter medium GLASS
Vitreous filter medium GLASS
Vitreous filter medium GLASS

Vitreous filter medium GLASS

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Vitreous filter medium GLASS

  • AstralPool Active Clear Glass is a new filtration medium made from recycled glass .
  • A low concentration of heavy metals, a precise granulometric control and a careful selection of the material, make this a safe and high performance product.
  • Presentation in bags of 25 kg.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 8.

Vitreous filter medium GLASS. Glass filter load

  • The load of eco-filtering glass is the most environmentally friendly filtering medium as it is made from recycled glass.
  • This is a filtering load made from recycled glass, with a much higher performance than traditional flint sand and unlimited life. The ecofiltering glass can be applied to both public and private pool filters.
  • Bet for a sustainable pool by saving up to 25% of water in filter washings with this ecological filter medium.
  • Active Clear Glass complies with the UNE EN 12902:2006 standard.
  • If you plan to renew the sand in your filter, do not hesitate: bet on AstralPool eco-filtering glass and renew the life of your pool.
  • Available in three different grain sizes. We attach below a table with the recommended % of each granulometry depending on the diameter of the filter:

Grade I- Granulometry 0.5-1.0 mm-% Volume of the filter bed 80%

Grade II- Granulometry 1.0-3.0 mm-% Filter bed volume 0%

Grade III- Granulometry 3.0-7.0 mm-% Volume of the filter bed 20%

Vitreous filter medium GLASS. Advantages and benefits:

  • Savings

    • Reduces the consumption of chemical products up to 40%.

    • Savings of up to 40% in time, water and electricity in a filter wash.

    • Prolongs filter washing intervals due to its high filtration capacity and low saturation.

  • The pool water even cleaner
    • Its ridged shape reduces turbidity by 30%, compared to siliceous sand.
    • Helps reduce the presence of chloramines in the water, particles responsible for the smell of chlorine and irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Filtration power
    • Its filtration power is much higher than that of flint / zeolite.
    • Because it lacks porosity, no lumps or preferential channels are formed in the filter.
    • Polished and non-cutting material.
    • It is a non-porous material, it filters more, it washes better, it does not support bacterial support and it is also ideal for all types of chemical treatments, mainly automated ones such as salt electrolysis, but also for traditional chlorination.</ li>
  • Durability and comfort
    • Because it is a non-degradable product, its duration is unlimited: a single filter load for life.

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Vitreous filter medium GLASS