Filtro de arena Gre depuradora piscina con bomba

Sand Filter Gre with Pump

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Gre sand treatment plant with a pump that solves the filtration needs of removable pools in a single, totally compact unit. Easy to install and maintain. Equipped with a pressure gauge and multi-way selector valve that allows selecting the different functions available: filtration, filter washing, rinsing, emptying, etc.

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Gre monoblock filtration for above ground pools made of monobloc plastic material (without joints), by means of a blowing process.

Includes purifier, filtration pump, selector valve and pressure gauge.

They are very compact, easy to install and use.

Impurities are retained in the flint sand (filter) inside the tank.

They incorporate a pre-filter to retain excessively large particles and avoid damaging the pump, as well as a pressure gauge that indicates the flow pressure.

Thanks to its selector valve (5/6 ways depending on the model), they allow to perform different functions: self-cleaning, filtration, emptying ...

Includes connection hose between pump and selector valve. The 38 mm hoses required to connect to the pool are not included (see accessories and accessories).

The filters are certified with the European standard EN 16713-1: 2015. The certification guarantees that they comply with the established safety standards.

These new models replace the old series of wastewater treatment plants

from the Gre brand:

  • Serie FA: FA6030, FA6040, FA6050, FA6070 y FA6080.
  • Serie AR: AR1300, AR1350, AR1400 y AR1500.

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