Clorador salino Zodiac GenSalt OT
Clorador salino Zodiac GenSalt OT
Clorador salino Zodiac GenSalt OT
Clorador salino Zodiac GenSalt OT
Clorador salino Zodiac GenSalt OT
Clorador salino Zodiac GenSalt OT

Zodiac GenSalt OT salt chlorinator

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5/ 5 Zodiac GenSalt OT salt chlorinator
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GenSalt OT is the new next-generation Zodiac salt chlorinator that stands out for its modular and scalable design.

Quick Fix system for quick and easy installation of the cell, without the need for special tools.

OT 10 (up to 40 m³), ​​OT 18 (up to 70 m³) and OT 25 (up to 110 m³).

It can be combined with the pH Link module for automatic pH regulation for optimum bath comfort.

Zodiac durability and reliability

  • Cell with state-of-the-art titanium electrodes that guarantee an exceptional duration of up to 10,000 hours.

Easy installation

  • The GenSalt OT incorporates the patented Quick Fix system (includes installation kit) that provides a simple and fast installation.
  • Adapts to all installations thanks to its modern and compact design. Wall mounting kit for the control unit is included.

Maintenance free and totally safe

  • Self-cleaning electrodes by polarity reversal, for a long useful life of the cell without the need for user intervention.
  • Flow detector. Safety system with automatic stop in case of insufficient water flow in the cell.
  • Indicator of "lack of salt" that reduces the production of chlorine to protect the electrode.
  • Integrated scheduler. Allows you to define the operating time during which the chlorinator will produce chlorine.
  • Additional operating modes:
    • Boost mode. It allows to quickly increase the level of chlorine, for example in case of intensive use of the pool, bad weather or at the beginning of the bathing season.
    • Low mode. Designed to reduce chlorine production when the pool is covered or when its use is limited.
    • Cover mode. Allows an automatic cover to be connected to the chlorinator to automatically reduce chlorination when the cover is closed.

For optimal bathing comfort

  • To maintain good water quality, it is essential to have balanced basic parameters (pH, hardness, ...) and effective filtering adapted to the pool and its conditions of use.
  • For this reason, we recommend combining the Zodiac GenSalt OT salt chlorinator with the pH Link module, for exceptional bathing comfort (see complements and accessories).

GenSalt OT technical characteristics table

OT 10 OT 18 OT 25
Producción de cloro 10 g/h 18 g/h 25 g/h
Volumen de agua 40 m³ 70 m³ 110 m³
  (volumen calculado para 8 h de filtración diaria en un clima templado)
Características técnicas      
Producción máxima 10 g/h 18 g/h 25 g/h
Potencia 195 W
Amperaje de salida nominal 2,0 A 3,6 A 5,0 A
Interfaz de usuario Pantalla LCD retroiluminada 4 líneas
Modo(s) de funcionamiento Normal, Boost (100%); Low (modo cubierta ajustable de 0 a 30%)
Reloj / programador Reloj 24 h / 2 franjas de cloración
2 programadores para bombas de filtración de velocidad simple
Inversión de polaridad Sí, desde 2 a 8 h (ajuste de fábrica= 5 h)
Tasa de sal recomendada 4 g/l - 3 g/l mínimo
Seguridad Indicador "Falta de sal": reducción de la producción para proteger al electrodo.
Indicador "Falta de caudal": interrupción automática de la producción cuando las condiciones no son óptimas.
Detector de caudal mecánico.
Diámetro de conexión de la célula «Quick Fix» Diámetro 50 o 63 mm
Caudal mínimo
(necesario para purgar el aire de la célula)
5 m³/h
Caudal máximo
(limitado por las pérdidas de la instalación)
18 m³/h (bypass obligatorio para caudales superiores)
Presión máxima autorizada en la célula 2,75 bar (KPa)
Temperatura máxima del agua 40ºC
Temperatura mínima del agua 5ºC
Longitud del cable caja-célula 1,8 m
Índice de protección IP43
Dimensiones de la célula (L x An x Al) 16,5 x 22,5 x 12,5 cm
Alimentación 50 Hz 220-240 VAC (cable de alimentación con enchufe sobremoldeado)
Duración de vida de la célula
(en buenas condiciones de uso)
10.000 h (placas de titanio, tratamiento en rutenio SC6)

Data sheet

Product type
Saline chlorinator

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