Clorador salino Idegis Domotic
Clorador salino Idegis Domotic
Clorador salino Idegis Domotic
Clorador salino Idegis Domotic

Idegis Domotic salt chlorinator

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5/ 5 Idegis Domotic salt chlorinator
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  • Idegis Domotic is the self-cleaning saline electrolysis system for private pools up to 160 m3.
  • Disinfects pool water without the need to handle or store dangerous chemicals.
  • Compatible with PoolStation home automation platform (see related products).

Available in four models: DOM-12 (up to 50 m3), DOM-24 (up to 80 m3), DOM-32 (up to 120 m3) and DOM-42 (up to 160 m3).

Salt electrolysis: operating principle

The saline electrolysis is a simple principle that resembles the behavior of the sea and its ecosystem:
- The pool water is slightly salty at 4 g/l (9 times less than sea water).
- By electrolysis, through the cell, the salt is transformed into gaseous chlorine, a powerful disinfectant that dissolves instantly in the water.
- The gaseous chlorine destroys all the microorganisms in the cell and provides the pool with a correct level of free chlorine.
- The active chlorine that is eliminated under the effect of solar UV, is constantly renewed by the cell without any intervention being necessary.
- There are all advantages with saline chlorination, but it stands out especially for avoiding the handling and storage of dangerous chemical products, as well as bad odors, the skin dry and irritated eyes. There is no residual accumulation and there is no need to empty the pool, saving on the purchase of chemical products and maintenance.

For your comfort

- For the proper functioning of the electrolysis, the pH of the pool must be maintained at 7.2 and 7.4.
- To maintain good water quality it is essential to have balanced water (pH, hardness, TAC) and effective filtering adapted to your pool and its conditions of use.


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Idegis Domotic salt chlorinator

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