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CTX-41 Flocculant

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A newly designed liquid polymer, offering powerful flocculation that can remove colloidal particles that are found in the pool water and cause turbidity of the water. >Ideal for: All types of pools.
High coagulation speed and good decanting speed.
Satisfactory performance at low temperatures.
Can be used across a wide pH interval.
Lower tendency to cause overdosing.
Removes metal ions like iron and manganese.
Easily filterable floc formation.
Lower content of soluble aluminium in treated water.
Removal of organic matter.
Effective against water with high turbidity.
Improves the bacteriological quality of the water, thereby reducing the consumption of products used for disinfection.
Recovery treatment: With the filter equipment off and with no bathers in the water, add 10 ml of the product for each m3 of water.
Add the required dose of the product to a container with water and distribute this solution evenly over the surface of the pool.
After 8 hours start collecting and removing the layer of floc deposited at the bottom of the pool.
Maintenance treatment: This can be done using a dosing pump, injecting before the filter 0.5 ml of the product for each m3 of circulating water.

CTX-41 5 l Lliquid flocculant