LumiPlus RGB 1.11 PAR56 Wireless

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New range of wireless PAR56 lamps and projectors are controlled by remote control LumiPlus Motion Control. The new remote control achieves by buttons to select the on / off, choose from 12 colors and 8 sequences, and speed of the sequences. Besides incorporates an accelerometer sensor allowing also trigger colors / sequences by movements. LumiPlus Control Motion sends orders directly to PAR56 Wireless lamps so is not necessary to install the receiver modulator. LumiPlus Control Motion only is compatible with Wireless PAR56 LumiPlus range. - Up to 90% of energy saving    - 100.000 hours lifespan    - 3 years of full warranty   - Illuminates up to 12 deferments colors    - 8 sequences   - Typical luminous flux: 1100 lm - Power consumption: 37 W - 12VAC - Luminous efficiency: 29, 7 lm/W/n

1 RGB 1.11 PAR56 Lamp + 1 Lumiplus Control Motion