CTX-590 AlgaStop Plus 5L ( Minimum purchase 20L )

CTX-590 AlgaStop Plus 5L ( Minimum purchase 20L )

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Super Concentrated liquid Algaecid 5 L 

Purchase of 1 unit = 20L ( 4 units x 5L )

A super-concentrated liquid algaecide for the elimination of all types of algae during water recovery treatments in pools.
Ideal for: The removal of stubborn algae in all pool types.
Added value: It eliminates algae that are not otherwise eradicated using traditional algaecides.
Recommended use: Use this product for water recovery treatments in pools affected by the presence of algae in concentrations
of between 2 and 4 l per 100 m3 of water.
The concentrations are given as a guideline only and may be altered depending on the characteristics of the water in any given pool.
Pour the required concentration of the product in a container with water and spread the solution evenly across the surface of the pool. Leave for a few hours and scrub the pool walls and bottom
with a brush


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