Slow dissolving Chlorine granules ClorLent  25 Kg

Slow dissolving Chlorine granules ClorLent 25 Kg

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Slow dissolving Chlorine granules 25kg.

A slow-dissolving trichlorine in granules with a 90% concentration of highly stable free chlorine for the treatment and disinfection of pool water.
Ideal for: The regular treatment of any pool, providing the granules
are added through the skimmer.
Added value: It is essential for the ongoing treatment of pools as the disinfectant is released according to the amount required in the
Recommended use: Place the required amount of granules inside a skimmer and then start up the filtration system. The level of free residual chlorine should fall between 1-2 mg/l. Readings can easily be made using the chlorine and pH test kit. This test should be
conducted at least twice a day


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