CTX-200/Gr ClorShock 55%

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Fast-dissolving dichlor granules, highly stable and with a content of 55% usable chlorine, for the treatment of pool water. >Dichlor, better known as fast chlorine or shock chlorine, mainly serves to recuperate the water quality when the treatment schedule has been neglected or when there has been a large number of bathers in the pool or after a storm.
It is convenient to always have it to hand for any emergency or specific situation.
Shock treatments, for the treatment of polyester, liner, painted or vinyl pools.
Due to its high water solubility, the required amount of residual chlorine is obtained rapidly.
This product is especially indicated for the disinfection of polyester, liner, painted or vinyl pools, as it dissolves rapidly, preventing the decolouration of these surfaces.
It dissolves easily in water, meaning that the disinfection of the pool water can be automated through the use of a dosing pump.
The free residual chlorine obtained in the water offers greater stability against the sun's ultraviolet rays compared to other products.
It does not alter the pH of the water.
Initial treatment: Add 15 g of the product for each m3 of water.
After 2 hours, adjust the pH of the water between 7.2-7.6 using solid pH reducer CTX-010 or solid pH increaser CTX-020.
Maintenance treatment: Once the pH of the water has been adjusted, add from 1 to 3 g of the product daily for each m3 of water.
These doses are a general guide and may be modified according to the characteristics of each pool, weather, etc.
The initial treatment (Super-chlorination) should be repeated whenever the water lacks transparency.
Place the required dose of the product inside a skimmer, putting the equipment into filter mode so that the product dissolves as the water circulates through the skimmer.
The dose of the product can also be distributed across the surface of the pool.
The product should preferably be added at sunset and with no bathers in the water.
The free residual chlorine should be between 0.5-2 mg/l, with this value being measured using a chlorine and pH analysis kit.
These checks should be carried out at least twice a day.

CTX-200/Gr ClorShock 5 kg Dichlor granules 55%


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