CTX-22 Calc+ 5kg (Minimum purchase 20kg)

CTX-22 Calc+ 5kg (Minimum purchase 20kg)

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5/ 5 CTX-22 Calc+ 5kg (Minimum purchase 20kg)
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Hardness increaser CTX-22 Calc+  5kg.

Purchase of 1 unit = 20kg ( 4units x 5kg)

Water hardness increaser in granules, CTX-22, used to increase the calcium content when this is under 175 ppm. To prevent the water from being aggressive on materials that make up the pool, it is essential to increase water hardness with CTX-22 to values of >175ppm which could cause low water hardness.
Ideal for: All types of pools.
Prevents an imbalance of the water which causes irritation in the skin and eyes of bathers, corrosion in metal parts of the pool and excessive consumption of disinfectant.
Add 1.5 Kg of product to increase the hardness of 100 m3 of water by 10 ppm, with this figure being a general guide only.
The water hardness should be between 175-300 ppm (CO3Ca) and it should be checked using a test kit once a month.
Pour the required dose of the product dissolved in water into the pool, and distribute this solution over the surface of the pool evenly.

CTX-22 5 kg Hardness increaser granules


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CTX-22 Calc+ 5kg (Minimum purchase 20kg)