CTX-18 Liquid pH reducer for salt pools 10L

CTX-18 Liquid pH reducer for salt pools 10L

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pH reducer for salt system pools 10L

Special liquid pH reducer for treatment systems with Salt Electrolysis. >Ideal for: Pools with salt electrolysis.
Multi-action solid product, especially formulated so that as well as adjusting the pH of the pool water when this is higher than 7.6, it prevents the formation of calcium deposits (limescale) on both the electrodes of the electrochlorinator cells and on the walls, steps and bottom of the pool due to the generation of sodium hypochlorite and hard water respectively.
It also prevents the calcification of filters and the corrosion of the recirculation and filtration system.
Its special formulation helps maintain the value of the salt in the pool water constant, preventing the need to replace it during or at the end of the bathing season.
Maintenance treatment: Add 1.2 l of product to reduce 100 m3 of water by 0.2 units of pH.
The pH value of the water should be between 7.2 - 7.6 and it should be checked daily using a pH analysis kit.
This product is especially formulated for adding to pool water using automatic pH regulation and control equipment.

CTX-18 Liquid pH reducer for pools with electrochlorinator 10 l


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