CTX-235 Sleepy Winter Product 2kg ( Minimum purchase 16kg)

CTX-235 Sleepy Winter Product 2kg ( Minimum purchase 16kg)

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Winterising Treatment Sleepy CTX-235 

Purchase of 1unit = 16kg ( 8 units x 2kg)

Complete winterising treatment with built-in floating doser. >Prevents the putrefaction of the water, the proliferation of algae and keeps the water crystal clear.
Includes disinfectant, algaecidal and flocculant action.
In-ground pools.
This doser prevents the decomposition of the pool water during periods when it is not in use.
It favours the cleaning, recovery and adjustment of the pool water at the start of the bathing season.
Perforate the 50 m3 circular marks (both sides) with a sharp tool (for example, scissors) to make the holes needed for the water to be able to flow in.
Place the container in the water with the lid facing down and let it float.
Use one doser for each 50 m3 of water to be winterised.
Approximate duration: from 4 to 6 weeks.
Do not try to refill the doser, it is for single use only!

CTX-235 Sleepy Winterising fluid with built-in floating doser


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