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Lámparas LumiPlus PAR56 1.11

LumiPlus PAR56 1.11 Lamps

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The LumiPlus PAR56 1.11 white light illuminator substantially improves the lighting in your swimming pool and drastically cuts consumption. LumiPlus 1.11 improves energy efficiency with respect to a traditional 300W halogen PAR56 lamp because it runs 100 times longer and consumes 12 times less power. It should be connected to a 12V AC using a safety transformer and always be turned on when fully submerged in water. It can be installed in any underwater project that contains a PAR56 lamp. The LumiPlus PAR56 1.11 lamp does not require changing the electrical cables of your existing pool, as it is supplied with 2 cables, like the halogen PAR 56 lamp. LumiPlus PAR56 1.11 lamps come with a full 3-year warranty.  Advantages: • Easy installation – ready to use in just 10 minutes. • Save up to 92% on energy thanks to the technology’s increased energy efficiency. • The LumiPlus PAR56 1.11 lamp meets the energy-efficiency requirements of the European Union’s new Eco-Design of Energy-Using Products Directive which will be compulsory to meet within the next few years.

Lamp LumiPlus PAR56 1.11 white


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