Filtro Arena Hayward 520

Sand Filter Hayward 520

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Sand Filter Hayward D.520 - 10 M3/h

Pro Series ™ Sand Filters Made of polyethylene, Hayward® Pro sand filters are resistant to both treatment products and inclement weather and can either be installed outdoors or sheltered in a technical room. Available in 4 different sizes, from 11 to 30 m3 / h, they work with any granulated filter medium: sand, zeolite, glass. They are easily cleaned by backwashing, that is, the direction of the water in the filter is reversed to remove impurities. THE ADVANTAGES + Filtration from 40 to 50 microns + Resists treatment products and inclement weather + They accept any granulated filter medium: sand, zeolite, glass ... + Complete filter guaranteed 5 years NAMELY Pro Side configuration, with valve on one side of the filter. As the valve is located next to it, it allows easy access to the filter without having to disassemble the piping. It is slightly higher priced and takes more room in the technical room, but it is the most practical configuration for maintenance. The pro Series filters are adapted to all types of pools, and offer high quality filtration for a long time.


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